Weber Spirit SP S335 Gas Grill Promotion


The three-burner Spirit SP-335 gas grill is equipped with everything you need to barbecue an entire meal outside, and is built to last with a stainless steel finish. Simmer sauce on the side burner. Create an intense heat zone for a perfectly seared steak on the Sear Station. And toast buns on the warming rack as burgers grill below.

**Does not include any gas regulator & gas cylinder**

**Promotion comes with 1 Weber poultry roaster 6731, 1 Weber Vegetable Basket (S) 6481, 1 Weber Pizza Stone (S), 1 Apple Wood Chip, 1 Weber Smoker Box 7576 and 1 Weber Bamboo Skewer 6608 while stock last**

Weber Spirit II S335


Bbq grill Installation / Assembly


Weber Small Round Baking Stone With Baking Tray 17057

$36.90 $0.00

Weber Poultry Roaster 6731

$89.90 $0.00

Weber Stainless Steel Small Vegetable Basket 6481

$40.00 $0.00

Weber Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box 7576

$69.00 $0.00

Weber Apple Wood Chips, 2-Pound Pack

$39.00 $0.00

Weber Original Bamboo Skewers 6608

$10.00 $0.00

Weber Spirit II 300 Series Grill Cover 7139


SRG Gas Regulator (Made in Germany with safety cut off)


Gas Cylinder 12.7kg Set


Weber 3 Sided Grill Brush 21

$39.00 $29.90

Weber iGrill Mini 7206

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Additional Information

Additional information

Dimensions 132 × 61 × 116 cm
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