Frequently Asked Questions

What do you have here?

We mainly sell BBQ grills from the brand Cookaburra, Weber and Outback. We do have certain accessories and add-on items to enhance your BBQ experience.

What are the difference between Cookaburra BBQ shops and Weber Store?

All of these shops are managed by Cookaburra BBQ Pte Ltd. Weber Store is a Weber theme shop consists of mainly Weber products on display. Cookaburra BBQ Shops have mix limited range of displays for BBQ grills and accessories from the brand of Weber, Cookaburra and Outback.

How do I know which BBQ grill model is suitable for myself?

We understand you are spoiled by choices. Therefore we will be giving you some tips of which you need to know before deciding for an ideal BBQ grill for yourself. Step 1, find out if your living area is permitted to use either charcoal or gas BBQ grill. Step 2, get a grip of how much available space you have. Step 3, know your number of pax portion you will be prepared for.

Do all BBQ grills come with any warranty?

Most BBQ grills have no warranty once they have been exported out from the manufacture country. But fear not, we provide 2 year warranty for any manufacture fault issue base on the date from the issued receipt, except for Weber BBQ grills. The wear and tear issue does not include in the warranty.

What happen if my BBQ grill is faulty after 2 year warranty?

Over here we do provide repair service at a fee, replacement of parts will be charged separately. You may write in or contact us with details of your BBQ grill and the issues with it. We will try our best to assist you from there.

Do you provide gas cylinder?

Yes, we have 2 different sizes of gas cylinders in Cookaburra. They are 9 kg and 12.7 kg gas cylinders. If you wish to store your gas cylinder in the bbq grill cabinet, you may have to purchase the smaller 9 kg gas cylinder. Our recommendation is to place the gas cylinder outside or beside the BBQ grill for safely keeping away from the burners.

Which gas regulator should I purchase?

Always look out for the safety mark when purchasing a regulator to verify that they meet the specified standards in Singapore. Cookaburra has 2 different brand of regulators. They are TPA regulator and SRG regulator, both of them have the safety mark and are able to fit Sungas 12.7 kg , Esso gas 12.7 kg and Singas 12.7kg. So what is the difference between this 2 regulator ? SRG regulator is made in Germany whereas TPA regulator is made in China.

When do I need to purchase the gas regulator and hose set?

Brands such as Cookaburra and Outback, the grills do not come with the hose and regulator. If you are purchasing a Weber gas grill, you just need to purchase a gas regulator as the hose is provided by the Weber.

What type of payment mode do you accept here ?

For online purchase, we can only accept Visa, Master, Amex and Paypal. If you feel uncomfortable using our online platform , you can write in to us requesting for cash or cheque payment upon delivery.

For oversea purchase beside using Visa, Master, Amex and Paypal, you may write in requesting for bank transfer payment. We will only process the delivery order once the payment has successfully remitted to us.

How do I know if my transaction has successfully processed ?

When the transaction has successfully processed, you will receive one email each from us and Paypal. If you only receive one from either platform, do inform us and we will clarify for you.

Should there be any errors such double charge, we will refund back by Paypal.

What happen if I order the wrong item(s) and need to return back for refund ?

We recommend you to check with us if you are uncertain of the products before you purchase.

In the event you realized that you have bought the wrong items when we deliver to your door step and you don’t want it, we will be charging the $20 delivery fee (if purchase order is less than $200 and/or the total amount is less than $200 after deducting the returned item(s)) and refund the remaining amount back to you by your initial payment method.

*Do note that we will only accept the returned item(s) in unused condition with the original packaging.

Weber Overseas Shipping Restrictions

We reserve the right, without prior notice, to limit the order quantity on any product and/or refuse service to any customer. Due to certain trademark, labeling, product content and embargo restrictions, we currently do not ship all Weber products to all destinations except Singapore.


How do i register my warranties for Weber grill?

You may visit the link to register your warranty online:


Weber Warranty Program

If you wish to make a claim on a Weber product, in accordance with Weber’s warranty program, please bring the product (or picture of defect or damage) along with your receipt to the retailer, where you purchased your Weber product, as soon as possible. We will then assess whether the product is defective.

Defects and damages arising from wrongly use of the product will not be covered by Weber’s warranty program. However, any product defects or damages, which are covered by Weber’s warranty program, will be rectified or product replaced.

What is the return process?

Returns must be done within ten (10) working days starting from the day the goods are delivered to you. You may return your order (or items) for any of the following reasons:

  • Your product does not match the website specifications or description.
  • You received the wrong item in your package.
  • For products that are defective or damaged upon arrival, please refer to this link here.

And the general requirements for returns are as follows:

  • You have proof of purchase (order invoice number and receipt).
  • The goods must be in new condition and returned in the original, unopened packaging along with all original accessories (including manuals, warranty cards, certificate of authenticity) and any free gifts received with it.
  • All sealed items must not be opened.
  • The product must not have been used or installed or had any data inputted.


If your return is valid, we will process your refund or replacement, based on what you have indicated to our support team. If it’s valid, we will reimburse you with a refund through the same mode of payment that was made in the original purchase.

If your return is not valid, we will notify you and arrange the items to be returned. For the items to be returned, a delivery fee will be chargeable. We reserve the right to reject any return, exchange, refund deemed unfit or unreasonable.

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