Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic 4 Gas Grill

SGD 2,699.00

SGD 2,699.00

Ziegler & Brown Turbo Classic 4

Take your outdoor entertaining up a notch with the Cookaburra Classic 4 burner barbeque on cart.  This premium 4 burner BBQ is the ultimate cooking machine for BBQ beginners and professionals alike! **Does not include any gas regulator, hose & gas cylinder**
SGD 99.00

Cookaburra Classic 4 / Elite 4 series Grill Cover

Cover for the following BBQ grills:
  • Cookaburra Classic 4
  • Cookaburra Classic 4 with Side Burner
  • Cookaburra Elite 4
  • Cookaburra Elite 4 with Side Burner
SGD 39.00

Outback Stainless Steel Kebab Rack With 5 Skewers

Outback stainless steel kebab rack with five long skewers that sit in the rack neatly ideal for use on most Outback barbecues. Makes Kebab cooking much easier and stops the food sticking to the grill. **Note: Only available at certain outlets**

27 in stock

SGD 19.00

Genuine Outback Hot Dog And Sausage Grill Turner

Chrome plated steel BBQ sausage grill is for sausages and hot dogs, clamp them into this grill to easily turn them and stop them from being damaged or sticking to the grill. Can be used on both gas or charcoal BBQ's. **Note: Only available at certain outlets**

30 in stock

SGD 35.00

Gas Cylinder 12.7kg Set

This is a basic kit for first time ordering for BBQ gas grill & cylinder deposit will appear at the checkout page. *Gas Cylinder 12.7kg is unable to fit in most BBQ grill cabinet
SGD 108.00

SRG Gas Regulator & Hose Set

For Singapore local gas cylinder connection use you may contact us to check for it's compatible gas cylinder brand. Features
  • Regulator inlet with shut off valve for additional safety
  • With a flow limiter which cuts off gas flow in case of a ruptured or pulled-off hose
  • Made in Germany
SGD 54.50

Bbq grill Installation / Assembly

Our professional installers will ensure that your bbq grill is installed and save your valuable time especially when it comes to the trickier parts like hammering or assemble the individual parts together. **Only for bbq grills bought from Cookaburra Bbq or Weber Stores**
SGD 250.00

Rotisserie Set for Cookaburra 4 Burner Grill size

The rotisserie set includes 1 rotisserie rod, 2 food claw, 2 side bracket and 1 battery operated motor. **Note: Only available at certain outlets**

12 in stock

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Now offering a 10 year comprehensive warranty, the Turbo Classic 4 Burner on Side Burner Cart allows you to expand your culinary cuisine to another level. This Turbo Classic features a vitreous enamelled cast iron hotplate and grill. The two award winning Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burners will provide you with the power to cook even the fattiest foods and minimise flare-ups. Includes heavy duty stainless steel brackets to simplify installation and allow simple removal for cleaning or relocation. The sturdy cart has internal cylinder storage, double skin cupboard hinged doors and super strong shelves.

**Does not include any gas regulator, bbq grill installation, hose & gas cylinder**

**Note: Only available at certain outlets**