Weber Large Drip Pans (10 Pack) 6416

SGD 27.90

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External Dimensions:

  • Length (cm): 33
  • Width (cm): 22.9
  • Height (cm): 5.1


Internal Dimensions:

  • Length (cm): 28
  • Width (cm): 17.8
  • Height (cm): 5.1
  • Facilitate indirect cooking or make side dishes, desserts, and more in these disposable aluminum pans
  • Use Large Drip Pans under foods cooked by The Indirect Method
  • 10 pans per pack
  • The Weber large aluminium dip pans are great for lining the catch pan of your grill
  • Weber large aluminium dip pans are versatile enough to be used to cook a side-dish or dessert as well