Weber Q1250 Starter Kit


Go hiking in nature, travel off the beaten path, or near the shore. Explore the world with big taste and your Q 1250 portable gas grill by your side.

**Does not include any camping gas and able to use certain portable camping gas**


This 6 piece Q 1250 Starter Kit includes the essential items needed to start gas grilling:
• Weber® Q 1250 Gas Grill – the ultimate portable gas grill
• Premium Grill Cover – protect your new grill from the elements
• Instant-Read Thermometer – determine the perfect doneness
• Barbecue Mitt – protect your hand from the heat
• Premium Tongs – turn and move food with ease
• Grill Brush – easily clean your grill

Weber Q1250

$779.00 $519.00

Weber Instant Read Thermometer 6750

$29.90 $0.00

Weber Barbecue Mitt, Black 6472

$29.90 $0.00

Weber Original Locking Tongs 6610

$40.00 $0.00

Weber 3 Sided Grill brush 12

$29.00 $0.00

Weber Q1000 Series Grill Cover 7110

$79.00 $0.00

Providus 425G Camping Gas Canister


Weber Q Portable Cart 6557

$309.00 $148.90

Weber Q Roasting Rack - Small 6563


Weber Q Roasting Shield - Small 6561

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Additional Information

Additional information

Dimensions 69 × 42 × 39 cm
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