Weber Genesis II E310 Gas Grill Promotion

SGD 2,409.00

SGD 2,409.00

Weber Genesis II E310

Gather your family around the grill and ignite the flames. Let the GS4 grilling system take lead while you focus on what really matters - quality time with the people you love, in the comfort of your backyard. The Genesis® II E-310 GBS is your everyday answer to “what’s for dinner?” **Does not include any gas regulator & gas cylinder**
SGD 54.50

Bbq grill Installation / Assembly

Our professional installers will ensure that your bbq grill is installed according to the plan with the highest quality and craftsmanship. **Only for bbq grills bought from Cookaburra Bbq or Weber Stores**
SGD 83.90 SGD 0.00

Weber Genesis II Cover 7130 - 3 Burner

Fits Genesis II 3 burner & Genesis 300 Series grills. Premium heavy duty polyester fabric that is water & UV resistant along with breathable to help protect grill from elements. Velcro straps provide a more fitted appearance, & keep it in place during windy conditions.
SGD 32.90 SGD 0.00

Weber Grill Brush 18

This three-sided grill brush is made to remove grease and debris from cooking grates of all sizes. The handle design provides a secure grip when brushing off stuck-on food or cleaning tight spaces. Use this grill brush to clean your grates before each use so that your grill lasts longer and your next meal is as delicious as the one before. • 3-sided bristle brush design easily cleans larger areas quickly • Shorter sides clean edges and dislodge debris between grates • Comfort-hold handle for leverage when cleaning stuck on food • 18 in. long to reach all areas of the grate • Loop to hang brush for easy storage
SGD 92.90 SGD 0.00

Weber Precision 3-Piece Grill Set 6772

Flip burgers, turn vegetables or glaze your ribs with extra flavor. The 3-sided beveled edge spatula, hands-free locking tongs and full-size silicone basting brush in the Precision 3-Piece Grill Set are your everyday grilling essentials in one kit. All tools feature a soft-touch handle for a comfortable and secure grip. • Includes Precision Grill Tongs, Spatula and Basting Brush • NEW! Designed for precision control and better handling of food • NEW! 3-sided beveled edge design for easy approach and precision flip • Hands-free locking tongs for ease of use and compact storage • Full-size silicone basting brush • Soft-touch handle designed for non-slip grip • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning • Metal loop allows hanging storage
SGD 74.90 SGD 0.00

Weber Gourmet Bbq System Griddle 7421

The Gourmet BBQ System Griddle is designed for use with the gourmet BBQ system hinged cooking grate. Porcelain enameled, cast iron retains heat and delivers professional searing and seals in moisture and flavor. Porcelain enamel finish prevents sticking and allows for easy clean-up. Fits 22-1/2-inch Weber charcoal grills
SGD 55.90 SGD 0.00

Weber Barbecue Premium Glove 6669

To ensure maximum dexterity at the grill reach for these high-temperature gloves with silicone grip pattern on palm. Set of 2 for small to medium hand sizes. Features
  • High-temperature gloves with silicone grip pattern
  • Set of two gloves
  • For small to medium hands
  • The ultimate protection for all grillers. Weber Premium Gloves are designed to keep your hands protected from the heat of the grill of up to 250°C for stress-free grilling.
  • Non-slip and extra sturdy. Weber Premium Gloves come with a silicon palm for extra heat-proof grip so you can hold on to your cooking tools and cookware safely.
SGD 33.90 SGD 0.00

Weber Instant Read Thermometer 6750

Whether you're grilling over gas or charcoal, the very best way to know if your grilled food is cooked to a safe internal temperature, as well as to your preferred doneness, is to test it with an accurate thermometer. Rely on this thermometer for assurance that you've turned out perfectly grilled food every time you barbecue. Features
  • Digital display
  • Fast, accurate reading
  • Reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Reads temperature in approximately 15 seconds
  • Auto shut off after 10 minutes of no activity
  • Take the guesswork out of cooking. With the Weber Instant-Read Thermometer, grill the Weber Way and stop leaving the doneness of your steak up to chance.
  • Split-second readings whenever you need them. The Weber Instant-Read Thermometer gives you temperature readings instantly. With just the press of a button, get accurate readings in your choice of Celsius or Fahrenheit.
SGD 13.90 SGD 0.00

Weber Apple Wood Chips, 2-Pound Pack

Wood chips are great for adding wood smoke flavor to foods, or they can be the perfect alternative to charcoal briquettes as a heat source for grilling. Apple wood gives a slightly sweet, fruity smoke flavor that is great for poultry, game birds and pork (especially ham)
SGD 130.90

Weber iGrill Mini 7206

The Weber iGrill Mini offers precision grilling, every time. With 150 hours of battery life, this two-inch magnetic thermometer seamlessly pairs with your mobile device via the Weber iGrill app to immediately alert you once your food has reached your target doneness. The iGrill Mini includes Smart LED technology that guides you through a four-color food progression spectrum, so you’ll never have to lift the lid on your grill or smoker and interrupt the cooking process. Green means that you’re ready to go, yellow indicates that you’re 15 degrees from your target temperature, orange signifies that you’re within 5 degrees of the target temperature, and red means that your meat is done—time to eat.

Apple: iOS 11.1 or higher required: • iPhone 4S or later • iPad 3rd generation or later • iPad mini • iPod touch 6th generation or laterAndroid: Most Android phones running Android 6.0 or higher and Bluetooth®️ 4.0 or higher. Please note: Some smart devices are not compatible with the Weber iGrill App, including: iPhone 4, iPad 1st or 2nd generation, Huawei phones. The Bluetooth®️ word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
SGD 88.00

SRG Gas Regulator

For Singapore local gas cylinder connection use you may contact us to check for it's compatible gas cylinder brand.
SGD 35.00

Gas Cylinder 12.7kg Set

This is a basic kit for first time ordering for BBQ gas grill & cylinder deposit will appear at the checkout page. *Gas Cylinder 12.7kg is unable to fit in most BBQ grill cabinet

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Gather your family around the grill and ignite the flames. Let the GS4 grilling system take lead while you focus on what really matters – quality time with the people you love, in the comfort of your backyard. The Genesis® II E-310 GBS is your everyday answer to “what’s for dinner?”

**Does not include any gas regulator, bbq grill installtion & gas cylinder**